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About Earthenwood

Earthenwood Artisans is a creative collaboration of Bobbie and Bob Dalpiaz. Bobbie, a retired art teacher and full-time potter, and Bob, a full-time musician and woodworker, combine their talents to create unique, handmade, functional artwork using Exotic Woods and High-fire Pottery.

Bob and Bobbie met at Ithaca College where they both received degrees in Music Education.  Bob taught music in the Brentwood school district and Bobbie taught music and art in the Sayville school district. Along the way, Bobbie realized her true passion lie with pottery. In the process of getting re-certified in art education, she studied sculpture, hand building and wheel throwing both privately and at Stony Brook University.


As she was honing her skills with pottery, a lid broke on one of her pieces so she asked Bob to make a replacement out of wood. At the time Bob had no experience with a lathe. Through some classes with the Long Island woodworkers Club and many hours of trial and error, Bob has become very adept at the lathe. In 1998 EarthenWood Artisans was born.


The process starts with the pottery, whether hand built or thrown. Bobbie makes her own glazes. Depending on the piece, a glaze color and texture is chosen, and most often she hand carves the pieces to accentuate the form. At this point the piece is handed off to Bob. Often they collaborate on the final project although sometimes Bob decides what style and variety of wood best suits the piece. 


Bob uses exotic hardwoods to compliment the glaze and chooses a lid style that accentuates the form. Among our favorite species of wood to work with, are Bloodwood, Ebony and Purpleheart for their depth of color.

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